Everybody is getting ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You are probably starting to struggle with the simple thought of eating healthy, maintaining your weight and not waste all the hard work you’ve put thru the year. That’s why I am here to help you survive the end-of-year celebrations.

As a good friend says: “remind yourself what the holiday season is all about: friends, family, giving, and religious traditions”. If you keep this in mind, you will be able to avoid the emotional eating.

You can also try these tips to survive thru the festive season:


Tip #1: Maintain your routine


Routine is your friend. Stick to your usual meal plan to help prevent overeating extra treats, specially before heading out to a celebration. Don’t arrive starving! Avoid tempting foods and have healthy options at hand.


Tip #2: Listen to your body 


During any event you may attend, check first all the options you have before making your selections. Load up on veggies and salads first, and choose one favourite dish, JUST ONE! Avoid deep-fried foods or too-caloric platters.

Eat mindfully – this means eating slowly and stopping when full. Listen to what your body is telling you.


Tip #3: Exercise and sleep


Continue your usual exercise routine or try to incorporate extra activity, specially with your family and friends. Keep your steps on track, trying to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Try to nap and rest whenever possible, as more sleep means healthier choices.


Tip #4: Keep Alcohol at a minimum


This is the easiest way to consume excessive calories, not only from alcohol, but the food eaten with it. Limit your intake to a couple of drinks and enjoy them slowly. Avoid adding calories with mixers, and try sparkling water with fresh lemon instead. Your body will thank you in the morning.


Tip #5: Reset


You don’t need to over indulge your body, nor either overeating and then feel bad about it for days. Just reset your day and start over again by making healthier choices. Don’t let the festivities spoil your hard work.

If you are the one hosting a party, try to create a healthy and delicious menu. Be innovative by creating different dishes that anyone can enjoy and indulge without guilt. Or even better, if you are going to a party, bring with you a healthy dessert or platter you can enjoy and share with others.

But remember, have fun and enjoy with your family, give the best of you and help others!


Merry Christmas everyone!


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