The Sweat Scientist

A sweat test is the only accurate way to determine an athlete’s sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration. Knowing this information leads to personalised hydration planning, replacing fluids and electrolytes in the correct amounts for increased performance and wellbeing.

Generally speaking, the actual sweat test will be 30 or 45 minutes. However, with briefing, warmup, set up and clean athletes should consider a total of 60 to 75 minutes for the complete session.

These tests can be performed in the gym, on the court, outdoors or at any other appropriate location. Just ask! We will make it happen. All the samples are analysed by The Sweat Scientist, followed by your personalised hydration planning and recovery strategies, sent to you and discussed after the evaluation.

Due to COVID-19 we reinvented ourselves, and we have great options for you. We can´t work face to face? No worries! I will send you a self-test sweat kit for you to complete at home! Just enquiry within.

When I started to work with Lilia, I knew I picked the right person: we have been a team from the beginning… even if I win or lose a match, there is always “WE”. She keeps me motivated and taught me how to undergo matches without having any cramps, how to pick proper food choices… following the plan was also really easy for me. She has helped me a lot to get better!

Jiří Janoščin

Professional Soccer Player – Brno, Czech Republic

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